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    Arrowhead Fast Pitch League

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      2017 Team Registration 
      Please send payments to -
      Arrowhead FastPitch League
      c/o Sherry Mottonen

      131 4th Street
      Proctor, MN 55810 

      The Registration "Arrowhead Fast Pitch League" is not currently available.

      Sponsored by MN USSSA - Register your team here

      MN USSSA - Register your team here

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      Minnesota USA - Register your team here



      1.    Go to

      2.    Upper right of site click on "Team Manager"

      3.    Create an account

      4.    Follow steps in creating your roster and submit for approval.

      5.    Once approved by Minnesota Softball go back to "Team Manager" and click on your team.

      1.    You now have two options.  Move your cursor over the light blue icon and it will say "down load roster".  Click on it.  (This roster is all inclusive with addresses birth date etc.)  Currently it's in Microsoft Word and not all of you have Word.

      2.    OR and this has just been added.  You can now just search for your team and under actions click on view.  Then click on "Print Roster" in the upper right corner of your team page.  This also gives you and approved roster that you can use in tournaments.  However, it does not have addresses, birth dates etc.  Under roster status it will say either Approved, Pending, or Rejected.

      6.    Print off your roster and have your parents sign it.

      7.    Make multiple copies.  You will need this for each tournament you play in.


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      AFPL Rain Status Updates

      Wonder how to determine if a game is cancelled due to bad weather? Check the Rain Status Updates.

      2017 Mandatory Concussion Training

      All coaches, as well as adult volunteers in the dugout, need concussion training prior to the start of the 2017 summer season.